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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Explanation Writing "Why you should not be rude and disruptive during learning time"

    How You Should Act In Class

I am going to explain to you that in school time it is important that you follow instructions with pride and respect. Your teacher, is using their time to teach you the work or strategies to help you with your learning. Then you will be able to have a good Job, and Education for future in life. If do not follow instructions you could have a poor job, and life. Trust me, If you listen to instructions and what the teacher is saying you’re going to find your life much easier. School is fun when you are learning and listening. And when your not acting mature you start to fade and drift off. And when your not listening things are boring and a waste of time. My challenge for all of us is to make the teachers jealous of our great behaviour.
Bring it on teachers.
By Lewis

Learning Rules

People and talking. It really fits together but not at school. At school if it’s learning time you should be silent.If it’s learning time it is important to listen and do your work.

If you don’t finish your work your teacher will get angry and growl at you. And you don’t want that to happen.

Don’t you want to grow up and have a perfect job or do you just want to be lazy and not learn. Well i want to learn. What about you.?

If you want to have fun but its learning time just do your work and the time will go faster and then you can play outside and have lots of fun.

Thank you very much I hope i have explained to you what to do now at learning time and have fun.

By Irza

We should not be disruptive in learning time because it affects other peoples learning.These are 3 reasons that we should not be rude or ignore the teacher.

My first reason is don’t be rude or ignore anyone like the teacher that is trying to teach you something because if you don’t listen you will not no what to do.Control your attitude  and don’t distract other people that are trying to learn new things.

This is another reason.When ever you learn something you thank the teacher because it is great that they are teaching you something that you have not heard of.

My last reason is when your teacher is talking you don’t speak over the top of them.Don’t annoy anyone when they are trying to work.

Those are my 3 reasons why you should not be disruptive in learning time.

By Carys

Here are reasons why I think you should not be rude in class.

My first reason is that you shouldn’t be disruptive in class when the teacher is talking because it is rude to talk  when you should  really be listening, so the teacher doesn’t have to repeat the information again.

Another reason is in class  you should  get on with your work so if you are  finish your work 
and if it is writing and it is  enough work but you  haven’t explained your ideas  and you don’t  know how to ask so you know.

My last reason is in class make appropriate choice ,Then the people around you will do  the same.If they are still being distracting it is not fair because you are missing out on all the fun activities  and learning.

Thats why I think you should not be rude in learning time. 

By Samantha