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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

News from Alysha, Zac, Johanri and Steph...

                   My first week back at school...
     I enjoyed my first day back at school because 
it was really fun.It was fun because we got to meet 
our teacher Mrs Notley and our student teacher Mrs
Bingham. We also played fun games like king ball and 
a few maths games. We got to do some art and that was 
fun because I like art. For art we completed an ‘All about me’ poster and for that we had to fill in lots of information about ourselves.
By Alysha 

By Stephanie

When I first started school in Room 5 I was a bit nervous but excited to start school, I didn't know a lot of people I only knew my friends Fiona, Johanri, Tayla and Crosbie.
When I got there I thought how bad could it possibly be.I was sad because my friend Lily wasn't in my class. I was lucky because at least she's next door to me.
When the music went I quickly ran into my class screaming for a good day. On the first day of school we did a t-shirt but it was an all about me t-shirt.It had questions like our age, family, favourite food, sports, tv programmes, colour and then we had to colour it all in nice colours. Mine was red with green spots. In the afternoon we played squishy balls we had 9 balls and we had to throw it to someone and say their name and keep on throwing it to them. When we first tried, it was a disaster and then we kept on trying and it got better.
On Day two after the roll in the morning we started doing writing borders we had a big blue piece of paper and we needed a ruler, pencil/pen and we had to draw an a4 square to make our writing fit in the middle then once we did that we had to make a border. It had to be colourful and that was day two.

This was my two great days in room 5.


                        MY FIRST WEEK AT SCHOOL      
In my first week at school with Mrs Notley it was great because I liked playing King Ball with the Kereru team. On Tuesday most of us finished our all about me posters. When we finished our all about me poster we started
to make our writing borders that we have to color in.

By Zac

2014 a fresh start
Week 1
When I first started in room five I was nervous I had never had anyone in room five in my class ever before. But at least I had 2 very nice friends in my class Hannah and Carys, so I thought how bad could it be? When I first got there a lot of my friends started sourunding me I thought I was going to miss them but I will at least see them at morning tea and lunch. So when the music went I got a chair and sat on the mat because I strained a muscle. The first thing we did is the roll because we had to learn how to do it Mrs Notley's way.Then we had a sharing circle but first we had to say our names. Next we started our self portraits, first we had to get an all about me t-shirt and it had questions like our favorite foods, age, family members, then we had to colour it in. After that we had to draw our face and stick it on the top of our t-shirts then make a speech bubble and colour it in but first we had to put 1 reading goal, 1 writing goal and one maths goal then colour it in is well.

Once we did the roll we played a game called squishy balls. It is where you have 9 squishy balls and you need to pick 1 person and keep throwing to that person it sounds easy but is not at all. Then we made our writing borders. We had to get an a4 piece of paper and put it on the blue piece of paper and draw it then draw our name and then decorate it. It took a long time but they turned out to be quite cool. We also enjoyed playing king ball with room 6,7 and 8. We had a very great day and can't wait for another one.

By Johanri

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