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This blog is primarily run by our Room 5 students, so there may be occasional errors in our writing but please do not let that put you off enjoying our amazing year that is 2014!

Monday, 10 February 2014

Week One

Where did that week go?? We have been such busy bees and the time has flown by without us even noticing! We have now finished our self portraits/goals and writing borders. If you have time parents, please stop by to see our cool work. We are currently finishing our holiday writing pieces to add to our borders. 

We were put into teams A & B for sports this week and we also used these teams to participate in our first team building activity... The Plank! Below we have attached some photos of us completing this activity (it is NOT as easy at it looks!).

Homework goes home on a Monday and is due back in on a Friday. 
At the moment we are waiting for Fonterra milk forms to come back in. We start drinking milk again from next week. If your child has not given you this form could you please check their bags.

Every week we will share about our learning so please check in on us and leave feedback or comments for us as this makes us super happy!

Look forward to meeting all of my lovely families.

Mel Notley

 First impressions can be so deceiving...
 Oh no!!!
 This is our lovely student teacher Grace Bingham. She is with us for three weeks in term 1 and then seven weeks in term 3.
 Best behavior...
Not so much of the best behavior...

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