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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Paper Mache Gala Art

                           Paper Mache creatures

We are going to tell you how to make a paper mache creature.
Step 1 -Blow up a balloon. 
Step 2 -rip up strips of news paper.
Step 3 -make the glue-flour and water.
Step 4 -get a strip of newspaper then dip it into the glue then paste on evenly and smoothly.
Step 5 -keep going over the balloon so that you have about two layers of the news paper covering the balloon.
Step 6 -let it dry - 20 min.
Step 7 -when it is dry make some legs ,tail and a nose then let them dry for about 20 mins.
Step 8 -when your legs and tall,nose has dry stick them on to the balloon
Step 9-when your whole balloon is dry you can start painting your creature.
Step10-after everything is dry your creature is completed.

Below are some photos of our paper mache creatures (before and after)

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