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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Year 5/6 Cricket field day

Year Five/Six Cricket field day

When the year 5‘s and 6’s went to cricket most of us got changed then we waited to go. Finally we left and I got to go in Logan’s Mums van. When we got to Memorial park we went to find shelter. A lady announced where we were playing and who were playing against. When we got to the spot there wasn’t any proper pitch so we made our own. I got to be Captain for the match so I had to pick heads or tails and I picked the correct one so we got to bat first.  Faronce and Daniel were hitting the ball far then the rest of us had a turn, then we switched. We were fielding a little better than the Gardens school but we lost by 13 runs. Even though we lost we had fun. Our next opponent was Manurewa West school their team got to bat first. Faronce got to bowl first our fielding was very good we didn’t let them make most of their runs. They got 30 runs we got 33 runs so we won! We went back to the shelter and heard that our School had come 3rd out of 6 schools. 

By Mikhil

Cricket field day  
 The Reremoana Black caps turned up to the menorial war park to play 3 games  of cricket .  We put down our bags  and headed to the  grand stand  to find out what  pitch we were going to play on . The lady told us  to go over to the back of the field . But the only  proper pitch there was  one with the sprinkler  going . all right said Mrs Notley talking to the other teacher from Te Matauranga . We  decided to head to the back of the field to make our own pitch.  We won the coin toss and then started to bat . After  batting we  had 29 runs in total  and Te Matauranga had 22 runs. So we won our first game. 

Just then  we found out that we were going to play on our made up pitch again. Up next  was The Gardens, Daniel had so many bowls  that went straight and bowled a guy out . Then johanri  caught a guy out,  after all the excitement  we kinda lost . 42 to 29 . Yay finally we  got a lunch break and  it was 30 minutes long. Then we were into our last game of the day to Manurewa west school.  Faronce, Johanri,  Daniel and Mitchell got wickets / bowled straight/  caught  people out/  and stopped the  ball. After the thrilling game that we had, we won 30 to 33  after that day of cricket we came third out of A grade . We went back to school and Mrs  Notley got us ice cream  wow. 

By Crosbie


  1. Great job year 5/6 cricket team. Nice to see some of the girls do so well.
    Keep on playing - the Black Caps need all the help they can get!

  2. Thanks for your 'positive' comment Mr Fourie! We love to hear from our parents and teachers :)