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This blog is primarily run by our Room 5 students, so there may be occasional errors in our writing but please do not let that put you off enjoying our amazing year that is 2014!

Monday, 14 April 2014

Our Year so far in Room 5!!!!

Our 2014 term1!

This year in term 1 Room 5 have been doing writing,reading,maths,technology and statistical investigations. Here are some of the things we have been doing.

We have been doing technology as well.For technology we have been making drain covers because ducklings are falling down our drains,and dying also lot’s of rubbish goes down into the drain which is bad for our environment.

For maths we have been learning new strategies like revesability,equaladjusment,rounding and compensating.We have been trying hard to learn them and have suddenly got them sorted.

We made writing borders were we put our published writing to display on our borders .We used blue paper then we made patterns and coloured them in with pastels next we suck them on the wall.

For writing we have been doing information reports,rocket writing,holiday writing,recounts and free choice writing.

 For Reading we have been doing inferencing activities on the Tv. We had to answer questions some of the questions were who am I?, where am I? and what am I?.        

We have also done our statistical Investigations. For it we had to think of a question and survey students from Room5, then we collected all our data and then put it into two graphs. After that we analysed the data and made 3 statements and finally  we started a publish copy and put it on a board or a big piece of blue paper.

By Ashley, Alysha and Carys

Super Hero Descriptive writing

On Wednesday  we drew  super heroes. We were learning to use our imagination to create and describe a super hero.The things we needed to include for our super heroes 
 was an enemy,  a secret lair, his or her suit, a best friend and a super power. Some were big and others were small. Some ate flowers and chocolate while others ate rats and dirt. Some super heroes  lived in Texas and New Zealand and in castles while others lived in  Jupiter and  under the ground.  There were lovely names like Power  George  and Sydey  there  were strange  names like  Fish boy and  Easter woman. Lots of super  heroes  could  shoot lazers from their eyes  and  have night vision and some were invisible. Over all we loved  creating  the super heroes,  it was so much fun. Thanks  Mrs Bennett.
By Crosbie

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Information about our Technology Expo!!

Hope you can make it along to see our fantastic technology projects!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Information Report #2

What friends are for

Friends are people that don’t fight with you and they be nice to eachother. Me and my best friends Sam and Ashley always play together. Sam is 9 years old and Ashley is 8 years old.

Sam’s favourite colur is blue and Ashley's favourite colur is yellow.

Sam’s favourite hobby is netball and Ashley's hobby is touch they are both very sporty.

Sam and ashleys favourite things to do are,hang out with their friends , they like computer games.

Sam has long brown hair that is brown,she wears blue dresses with flowers on it. Ashley wears yellow dresses with lot’s of nice colurs.

Sam’s family is Nicki and Row and herself. Sam has no pets. Ashley’s family is Dylan, Sarah and Dan. Ashley has 1 cat called Shadow.

Sam has a chart of things to do morning and night. Ashley has a chart of things to do in the morning. They try to earn pocket money.

By Carys

My best friend

My best friend is Carys and she is 8 years old, turning nine in April this year in 2014.
I am one year older then Carys , who has brown hair and she likes to wear her hair up. Carys likes to wear earrings that are pink.

Her favourite colour is blue,and she likes to play netball,touch and hang out with her friends.

Carys hobbies are athletics,playing with her kittens and playing  lots of games.Carys has two kittens who are only one years old.

Carys has one brother who is six and a Mum and Dad, their names are bradyen,Carys brother and her Mums name is Lyn and her dads name is Dan.

Carys has a chart of jobs to do in the morning and the afternoon to get pocket money.

  By Samantha.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Information Report writing

Caterpillars life cycle 

This is what a caterpillars life cycle looks like.

Firstly, a mother butterfly lays an egg on a swan plant and then flies away.

Secondly, after a few days a little caterpillar comes out and it starts to eat the plant.It gets bigger and bigger.

Thirdly, when the caterpillar is ready to make a cacoon it curls its head and hangs off the leaf and starts to make a cacoon.

Finally, after a few weeks you can see a butterfly inside of it, the cacoon opens and the butterfly comes out.It is not ready to fly yet.In a couple of minutes its wings straighten and its ready to fly off.Then the whole cycle starts again.

Hope you learned more about a caterpillars life cycle.

By Jesicca