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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Information Report #2

What friends are for

Friends are people that don’t fight with you and they be nice to eachother. Me and my best friends Sam and Ashley always play together. Sam is 9 years old and Ashley is 8 years old.

Sam’s favourite colur is blue and Ashley's favourite colur is yellow.

Sam’s favourite hobby is netball and Ashley's hobby is touch they are both very sporty.

Sam and ashleys favourite things to do are,hang out with their friends , they like computer games.

Sam has long brown hair that is brown,she wears blue dresses with flowers on it. Ashley wears yellow dresses with lot’s of nice colurs.

Sam’s family is Nicki and Row and herself. Sam has no pets. Ashley’s family is Dylan, Sarah and Dan. Ashley has 1 cat called Shadow.

Sam has a chart of things to do morning and night. Ashley has a chart of things to do in the morning. They try to earn pocket money.

By Carys

My best friend

My best friend is Carys and she is 8 years old, turning nine in April this year in 2014.
I am one year older then Carys , who has brown hair and she likes to wear her hair up. Carys likes to wear earrings that are pink.

Her favourite colour is blue,and she likes to play netball,touch and hang out with her friends.

Carys hobbies are athletics,playing with her kittens and playing  lots of games.Carys has two kittens who are only one years old.

Carys has one brother who is six and a Mum and Dad, their names are bradyen,Carys brother and her Mums name is Lyn and her dads name is Dan.

Carys has a chart of jobs to do in the morning and the afternoon to get pocket money.

  By Samantha.

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