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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Information Report writing

Caterpillars life cycle 

This is what a caterpillars life cycle looks like.

Firstly, a mother butterfly lays an egg on a swan plant and then flies away.

Secondly, after a few days a little caterpillar comes out and it starts to eat the plant.It gets bigger and bigger.

Thirdly, when the caterpillar is ready to make a cacoon it curls its head and hangs off the leaf and starts to make a cacoon.

Finally, after a few weeks you can see a butterfly inside of it, the cacoon opens and the butterfly comes out.It is not ready to fly yet.In a couple of minutes its wings straighten and its ready to fly off.Then the whole cycle starts again.

Hope you learned more about a caterpillars life cycle.

By Jesicca

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