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Monday, 14 April 2014

Our Year so far in Room 5!!!!

Our 2014 term1!

This year in term 1 Room 5 have been doing writing,reading,maths,technology and statistical investigations. Here are some of the things we have been doing.

We have been doing technology as well.For technology we have been making drain covers because ducklings are falling down our drains,and dying also lot’s of rubbish goes down into the drain which is bad for our environment.

For maths we have been learning new strategies like revesability,equaladjusment,rounding and compensating.We have been trying hard to learn them and have suddenly got them sorted.

We made writing borders were we put our published writing to display on our borders .We used blue paper then we made patterns and coloured them in with pastels next we suck them on the wall.

For writing we have been doing information reports,rocket writing,holiday writing,recounts and free choice writing.

 For Reading we have been doing inferencing activities on the Tv. We had to answer questions some of the questions were who am I?, where am I? and what am I?.        

We have also done our statistical Investigations. For it we had to think of a question and survey students from Room5, then we collected all our data and then put it into two graphs. After that we analysed the data and made 3 statements and finally  we started a publish copy and put it on a board or a big piece of blue paper.

By Ashley, Alysha and Carys

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