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Monday, 14 April 2014

Super Hero Descriptive writing

On Wednesday  we drew  super heroes. We were learning to use our imagination to create and describe a super hero.The things we needed to include for our super heroes 
 was an enemy,  a secret lair, his or her suit, a best friend and a super power. Some were big and others were small. Some ate flowers and chocolate while others ate rats and dirt. Some super heroes  lived in Texas and New Zealand and in castles while others lived in  Jupiter and  under the ground.  There were lovely names like Power  George  and Sydey  there  were strange  names like  Fish boy and  Easter woman. Lots of super  heroes  could  shoot lazers from their eyes  and  have night vision and some were invisible. Over all we loved  creating  the super heroes,  it was so much fun. Thanks  Mrs Bennett.
By Crosbie

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