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This blog is primarily run by our Room 5 students, so there may be occasional errors in our writing but please do not let that put you off enjoying our amazing year that is 2014!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Johanri's recount of her holiday

Holiday writing

In the holidays me and my family went   to Ambery  farm. The first thing that we   did was go on a bush walk between  the animals for about half an hour. Then we went for a barbecue at the play area .    So Jorien, Yandri and I ran to the flying  fox  as fast as we could . Jorien went first then me. When I went on I almost   fell off at the start but I hung on and  my head almost hit the tyres .  Luckily  I  did not so then it was Yandri’s turn. Me  and Jorien ran next to her so we could  help her if she fell off.  Next me and   Jorien pushed Yandri on a swing . Then  our parents called us and told us it  was lunch time . While we were having   lunch our Nanna and Poppa came. So  when they had finished their food   we went to Ollies . Me and my Dad shared a banana  split . it took us almost half an hour to finish it .Then sadly our fun day came to a end 

By Johanri

Zac's narrative!

Ralph the dog

One day there was one very fat dog named Ralph.
How did he get this fat? He went to pizza hutt and ordered 6 hawaiian pizza’s.

Where did he get this money from.The Bank! Why did he want this money to try pizza! When did he get this money. On the 16th of February 2012.Who got this money and why?It was Ralph. Ralph is a robber get him! Too Late!

Next day later bang pow ah.Ralph is shooting people with
a Nerf gun.Ralph is wearing Av8ters and a tuxedo. He can smell cake, it was chocolate cake he eats the CAKE! He can feel the cake slither down his throat. He can see chips on the other side of the table. Ralph can hear the screams and meows from the cats and humans. Ralph is a dog a cool dog. He is a ninja that goes out at night only. Sadly he died.

By Zac

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Samantha's holiday recount


At the start of the school holidays I had a sleepover at Carys on her birthday.
It was fun because we went to the movies to watch MR Peabody and sherman.
  It was funny.

Then we went to Good brothers for dinner.
After that we went back to Carys place for cake,I had two pieces of cake.Then after we went to bed.

On the 25th of april it was Anzac day.I went to the Anzac day parade.My Dad was marching in the parade with some of his mates.He was standing in the second row.My Dad was marching and I was laughing my head off the whole time.He was even laughing too.

For Easter I had an Easter egg hunt,and also I got 33 Easter eggs all together.I got some big ones and some small ones.I got one big Easter egg from the Easter bunny and 15 small ones,The Easter egg was shaped as a chicken.

In the school holidaysI went to whangamata for a week.It was very fun because I gotto go swimming,shopping,going to the playground and going for long walks on the beachand going down to town.Cathrine and Robbie came down for 3 days and my Mum came down for 5 days.While we were down there we went to a cafe called Sands cafe.We went swimming in the sea and shopping in lots of shops and buying things in my favourite shop in whangamata sunnys,The greatest shop and it is always busy.A few
days later my Grandma and Poppa came down to to look after me for the rest of the week.My Grandma and Poppa took me to minigolf 5 whole days in a row.I won 3 of them and lost 2  of them.Then on Wednesday my 2 cousins came down with their mum and dad for 3 days,My cousins names are Georgie and Sophia,My cousin Sophia brught her best friend Yasmin down.All the days I was down there I went to this really cool playground,The playground there was like  a confidence course,at first it was hard but but after a bit it got easier from doing it over and over again.

It was a very fun week down at whangamata with my family and friends and hope to go back down there again.


Crosbie's St Johns writing

 The thing that I am most proud of achieving durring  the school holidays is attending a St johns work shop. I now hold a kids  first  aid certificate. We learnt  how to deal with  hypothermia and heat stroke. I enjoyed  C.P.R,  a little saying  is 30 to 2 no matter who. As I was saying  I enjoyed th C.P.R lesson. C.P.R  is great to know but I hope I never have to use it on anyone!

By Crosbie

Crosbie's recount of her holiday

In april school hoildays my nan came up from Rotorua. When Nan was coming up  in the inter city bus lines. I was at training  when Nan arived . It was a huge   surprise  that Nan was coming  for me as  my Mum did not tell me  at training  . On the way home I was  so exited. When  I got home Mum parked the car and I  ran in side Nan was sitting at the table. We  planed  what we where going to do the next day and my Nan loves to take me on bus rides . so we decided to go to   Manukau. We hopped on the  the bus and   we were dropped off at  Manukau  and I brought a  gift for my  Nan as a thankyou for taking  me to  places and  loving me o so much  then I also got  something for my Mum and Dad.  I have always wanted a collection  but have never known what to  collect. So I had a look around  and thought that why don't I collect cards,  there are always a lot of them. I brought a few cards and  a file maker  and now I am starting on my card collection.

By Crosbie

Hayley B's recount of her holiday

In  my holiday  first I went to the blues game it was fun. I went with my dad . The score was 24-18 the blues got 21 so they won.we got hot chips and  drinks. It was quite interesting when the teams        thought  they got a try but they diddn’t. My first netball game I got whacked in the face the score was 13-10 we got     10. I started to cry when I got in the facebut my said ‘are you okay ‘I said                        yup’. I was playing... well crying, it was sore. The girl got pulled up. I went to the zoo on my brothers birthday and saw the hippos, the lions, the cheetahs and      other  animals. One of the cheetahs walked right next to  the glass and stared at me it was cool but freaky at the        same time.                                            
My best friend  carys came over on Saturday for a sleep over. We shot hoops and played on the tramp. We            played twister we had pizza for dinner. My cousin threw the ball at my eye and Carys did it to. I had a lump on my eye and now it is black.
By Hayley B          

Tayla's recount of her holiday

My holiday
In my holidays my cousin came over to my house. She got to our house at 2pm or 3pm in the afternoon.The next day we went to chipmunks. After chipmunks we went and got an ice-block from the dairy. It was yum!.Then we went back home to play on my trampoline until dinner. After that we went and watched TV till it was time for bed. The next day was just for relaxing in the lounge watching movies all day because we all really needed a nap so we were ready for the next day.

By Tayla

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Recount - Horse Riding

Horse riding#2

Trit! Trot! Bump! Bump! “this feels weird” said bumping Tyrone “you’ll get use to it” said the attendant on a bigger horse than me, than all of a sudden my horse took off down the track than eventually it stoped and slowed down and wasn’t so bumpy so I could relax and enjoy the ride. it was 
actually really cool because I got to do some trotting and you do not want do it  because it is really bumpy, but the horse’s only do it for a little while because they get really tired. The end
By Tyrone

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

My holiday recount

Holiday writing

Splish! Splash! “argh” don’t do that. it was a hot summers day at matarangi on the beach, there was an enormous amount of people, The adults were sunbathing(most of them), the kids were running around playing games, making sandcastles and playing in the water. “ooh its cold” said shivering Tyrone “ I’m hoping out” so he walks up to his towel and sunbathes. 10 minutes later bj comes and lies down onto his towel and sun bathes. then it starts to rain so we go home. 
the end 
By Tyrone

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Orienteering with the Kereru Team

Orienteering Trip

This event comes around every year, it's orienteering. It is an opportunity for people to compete against other schools. If you get one control wrong you are disqualfied. It's a very long course.The year five, six, seven and eight do the course. Reremoana competes every year. If the year eight and seven make it through they go to the Auckland champs. But the year fives and sixes don’t get to go to the Aukland champs.It was a fun experience, you could slide down hills because it was so slippery. There was little streams that you had to cross. There were heaps of hills and bridges.We do orienteering at Totora Park.                                                    


Thanks to Marlies for the photos :)

Field of dreams swimming

Swimming 2014!
This term in room 5 we are starting our swimming program.

Every Thursday at 1:30 till 2:00 Room 5 will be swimming at Sykes road pools.

There are three groups and before you start swimming you have to show them your freestyle.Then when you have shown them your freestyle they will give you a number to which lane you go in.
 In group 1 they were playing games,races and some swimming skills.In group 2 they were doing lots of swimming skills and a few games.Lastly group 3 was doing lot’s of swimming skills and races.

That’s our great time at swimming.


Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Update of our Koru Art

We are very proud of our Koru art pastel work. They have turned out nicely and we all believe in the meaning behind them 'New beginnings'.