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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Crosbie's recount of her holiday

In april school hoildays my nan came up from Rotorua. When Nan was coming up  in the inter city bus lines. I was at training  when Nan arived . It was a huge   surprise  that Nan was coming  for me as  my Mum did not tell me  at training  . On the way home I was  so exited. When  I got home Mum parked the car and I  ran in side Nan was sitting at the table. We  planed  what we where going to do the next day and my Nan loves to take me on bus rides . so we decided to go to   Manukau. We hopped on the  the bus and   we were dropped off at  Manukau  and I brought a  gift for my  Nan as a thankyou for taking  me to  places and  loving me o so much  then I also got  something for my Mum and Dad.  I have always wanted a collection  but have never known what to  collect. So I had a look around  and thought that why don't I collect cards,  there are always a lot of them. I brought a few cards and  a file maker  and now I am starting on my card collection.

By Crosbie

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