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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Hayley B's recount of her holiday

In  my holiday  first I went to the blues game it was fun. I went with my dad . The score was 24-18 the blues got 21 so they won.we got hot chips and  drinks. It was quite interesting when the teams        thought  they got a try but they diddn’t. My first netball game I got whacked in the face the score was 13-10 we got     10. I started to cry when I got in the facebut my said ‘are you okay ‘I said                        yup’. I was playing... well crying, it was sore. The girl got pulled up. I went to the zoo on my brothers birthday and saw the hippos, the lions, the cheetahs and      other  animals. One of the cheetahs walked right next to  the glass and stared at me it was cool but freaky at the        same time.                                            
My best friend  carys came over on Saturday for a sleep over. We shot hoops and played on the tramp. We            played twister we had pizza for dinner. My cousin threw the ball at my eye and Carys did it to. I had a lump on my eye and now it is black.
By Hayley B          

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