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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Johanri's recount of her holiday

Holiday writing

In the holidays me and my family went   to Ambery  farm. The first thing that we   did was go on a bush walk between  the animals for about half an hour. Then we went for a barbecue at the play area .    So Jorien, Yandri and I ran to the flying  fox  as fast as we could . Jorien went first then me. When I went on I almost   fell off at the start but I hung on and  my head almost hit the tyres .  Luckily  I  did not so then it was Yandri’s turn. Me  and Jorien ran next to her so we could  help her if she fell off.  Next me and   Jorien pushed Yandri on a swing . Then  our parents called us and told us it  was lunch time . While we were having   lunch our Nanna and Poppa came. So  when they had finished their food   we went to Ollies . Me and my Dad shared a banana  split . it took us almost half an hour to finish it .Then sadly our fun day came to a end 

By Johanri


  1. Sounds like you had a good time with your family during the two week holidays

    -Room 8

  2. i wish i was there looks like so much fun

    Brooke rm6

  3. Man I wish I could go on the flying fox sounds so fun
    FROM TYRONE!!!!!!!!!!