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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Orienteering with the Kereru Team

Orienteering Trip

This event comes around every year, it's orienteering. It is an opportunity for people to compete against other schools. If you get one control wrong you are disqualfied. It's a very long course.The year five, six, seven and eight do the course. Reremoana competes every year. If the year eight and seven make it through they go to the Auckland champs. But the year fives and sixes don’t get to go to the Aukland champs.It was a fun experience, you could slide down hills because it was so slippery. There was little streams that you had to cross. There were heaps of hills and bridges.We do orienteering at Totora Park.                                                    


Thanks to Marlies for the photos :)

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