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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Samantha's holiday recount


At the start of the school holidays I had a sleepover at Carys on her birthday.
It was fun because we went to the movies to watch MR Peabody and sherman.
  It was funny.

Then we went to Good brothers for dinner.
After that we went back to Carys place for cake,I had two pieces of cake.Then after we went to bed.

On the 25th of april it was Anzac day.I went to the Anzac day parade.My Dad was marching in the parade with some of his mates.He was standing in the second row.My Dad was marching and I was laughing my head off the whole time.He was even laughing too.

For Easter I had an Easter egg hunt,and also I got 33 Easter eggs all together.I got some big ones and some small ones.I got one big Easter egg from the Easter bunny and 15 small ones,The Easter egg was shaped as a chicken.

In the school holidaysI went to whangamata for a week.It was very fun because I gotto go swimming,shopping,going to the playground and going for long walks on the beachand going down to town.Cathrine and Robbie came down for 3 days and my Mum came down for 5 days.While we were down there we went to a cafe called Sands cafe.We went swimming in the sea and shopping in lots of shops and buying things in my favourite shop in whangamata sunnys,The greatest shop and it is always busy.A few
days later my Grandma and Poppa came down to to look after me for the rest of the week.My Grandma and Poppa took me to minigolf 5 whole days in a row.I won 3 of them and lost 2  of them.Then on Wednesday my 2 cousins came down with their mum and dad for 3 days,My cousins names are Georgie and Sophia,My cousin Sophia brught her best friend Yasmin down.All the days I was down there I went to this really cool playground,The playground there was like  a confidence course,at first it was hard but but after a bit it got easier from doing it over and over again.

It was a very fun week down at whangamata with my family and friends and hope to go back down there again.



  1. must have been a fun weekend for you and all your mates because it sounds like it. from TYRONE

  2. YOU HAD SO MUCH FUN DID YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!