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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Zac's narrative!

Ralph the dog

One day there was one very fat dog named Ralph.
How did he get this fat? He went to pizza hutt and ordered 6 hawaiian pizza’s.

Where did he get this money from.The Bank! Why did he want this money to try pizza! When did he get this money. On the 16th of February 2012.Who got this money and why?It was Ralph. Ralph is a robber get him! Too Late!

Next day later bang pow ah.Ralph is shooting people with
a Nerf gun.Ralph is wearing Av8ters and a tuxedo. He can smell cake, it was chocolate cake he eats the CAKE! He can feel the cake slither down his throat. He can see chips on the other side of the table. Ralph can hear the screams and meows from the cats and humans. Ralph is a dog a cool dog. He is a ninja that goes out at night only. Sadly he died.

By Zac


  1. that is a really cool story. Its funny and creative

    from adah

    1. Thank you Adah

      From Zachary.

  2. That is a cool story,its funny and creative

    From Adah

  3. I liked rhe story it is funny and creative

  4. I liked your story it is funny and creative

  5. wow good job zac there were a lot of wackey ideas croz