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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Young Leaders Day



On the 29th of may it was young leaders day.

We went to the vodafhone event center for the day.
It was a very fun day.

On our way in they gave  us a bag. In the bag it had a yellow pen with a poster inside it to pull out,It had 3D  glasses and  note book that we could  write our thoughts about  the speakers.

There were eight speaker’s and there names were Annette Fale , Jamie, Cam cakoen , Laura lamgman , Frances valintine , the laughing samoans and Charlie lumatia.

On the day we played lots of games . We played   a game where they were 5 sleeping bags and people had to crawl across the stage with out using there feet.They picked 5 students and 5 adults. Everyone who did the race got a badge.

My favourite speaks were the laughing samoans.I liked the laughing samoans the best because they made everyone laugh the most.

There were also badges for $5.oo and notebooks and pens for $10.oo.
I got a badge. 

It was a very fun day at the young leaders day. 
By Samantha

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  1. It seems like you had a very fun day.From Zachary