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This blog is primarily run by our Room 5 students, so there may be occasional errors in our writing but please do not let that put you off enjoying our amazing year that is 2014!

Sunday, 20 July 2014


Hi there parents/caregivers

Just a reminder that we have a dance crew coming in on Thursday of this week and it costs $5 for your child to attend the performance. The cut off for payment of this is Wednesday 23rd July. Please remember to sign the permission slip and return the $5 to your child's class by Wednesday.

Also we have cross country on Friday of this week and I am needing the permission slips back for this by Thursday 24th July.


Mrs Notley

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Looking forward to the holidays!

                   HOLIDAY FUN !!!

On the 5th  of July 2014 I am going to sunny Tauranga to see my brother and sister. I’m coming back home on Monday...
My sister: Tanya is 21 and is the manager of a Just Jeans shop in Tauranga. And is moving to Perth to live with her 100% pure Staffy dog called Briddgy and her mate Sam he is a Goldminer.
I love my sister Tan so much because she is so nice and caring she’s extra special to me.

Now my brother: Daniel
My brother is 23 and drives a big Kenworth truck that transports loaders & big machinery to quarrys.
He lives in Tauranga he is extra special to me because he always takes me for rides in his truck and does fun things with me and he is a very caring brother that’s what makes him extra special.

After the weekend I’m going with my brother in his truck on Monday. And hanging with my sister Tanya Sunday and staying at my brothers house on Saturday Night and Sunday for the night.

Thanks for being such awesome brothers and sisters Daniel and Tanya - also my 8 year old sister Ashley.


By Lewis

Our Solar System room!

Solar system 

Room 5 and 6 have been busy making a solar system for Science. We converted our middle room into space. First of all we had to cover all of the walls with black paper to create the illusion that we were in space. We then helped to make planets, rockets, aliens, stars and mysterious creatures. There are all different kinds of pictures on our wall, there are all different types of planets too. Shooting stars, Earth, Pluto,Uranus and also a Milky-way hang from our 'solar system'. Then we stuck golden and glow in the dark stars on the walls. We did key notes based on the planet we were given. We researched the information and put it into keynotes to present to our class( it was fun). A big thanks to Mrs Notley,  Mrs Bingham and Mrs Bailey.

By Johanri and Natalia   

Enjoy the photos of our creation