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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Our Solar System room!

Solar system 

Room 5 and 6 have been busy making a solar system for Science. We converted our middle room into space. First of all we had to cover all of the walls with black paper to create the illusion that we were in space. We then helped to make planets, rockets, aliens, stars and mysterious creatures. There are all different kinds of pictures on our wall, there are all different types of planets too. Shooting stars, Earth, Pluto,Uranus and also a Milky-way hang from our 'solar system'. Then we stuck golden and glow in the dark stars on the walls. We did key notes based on the planet we were given. We researched the information and put it into keynotes to present to our class( it was fun). A big thanks to Mrs Notley,  Mrs Bingham and Mrs Bailey.

By Johanri and Natalia   

Enjoy the photos of our creation

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