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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Room 5's Student Leaders

Room 5 is lucky enough to have two amazing student leaders who continuously use their initiative to help make our classroom an effective learning environment. Mrs Notley is very appreciative of all they do every day. Attached is a photo of them with their certificates to celebrate who they are. Thanks so much girls! Keep up the awesome job.

I asked Johanri to explain to me how she feels about her role as one of Room 5's student leaders, she had this to say. I take my job as a student leader very seriously. I like being able to help Mrs Notley and students with their work to make life a little bit easier. Johanri feels like her role of student leader will  help her to build her colloboration skills (working with a range of people she wouldn't normally get to).

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  1. Good on you guys you deserve to be student leaders.
    Lewis Pollock