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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Diversity Mufti Day

In Room 5 we are very diverse, just in our little class we make up the following nationalities:
18 New Zealander's
6 Maori's
1 Samoan
2 African's
1 Indian
1 Australian
1 of Asian decent
1 Dutch

I asked five of our students to tell me about something special from their nationality. This is what they had to say.

I love how we have lots of traditions related to dancing, singing and costumes. The women wear  a lot of flowers in Samoa and the men wear special necklaces made out of coconut.
When we grow up we have to do a dance with a special costume consisting of - hat, Samoan fine mat (Ie toga) and dress. We then dance and family and friends place money or flowers on the floor around us. We have a family tree and our Great great grandparents were royalty and they passed their rights down to their children and their children passed it down to my Mum's side of the family.

My country of Australia has a lot of deserts and outback where aboriginals settled and there are still aboriginals in the outback today. There are also kangaroos, koalas, wallabies and lizards that share the outback as well. In Australia I love that we have a bigger variety of animals who are wild in our deserts and outback. We have lots of theme parks, one of them is called 'Wet 'n' Wild' and it has massive slides there that you have to climb up or go through an obstacle to get onto them.

Russia is a big country full of love. We do lots of traditions like going ice skating on Christmas Eve in the City. In the country it is very sunny but in Summer Russia gets a lot of storms. We wear warm clothing that is made out of animal skin (fox fur and bear fur). We wear clogs on our feet in the country and in the city we wear normal shoes. In Russia we have a special icon which is the 'Babushka doll' and you can buy them and get them in necklaces. If you look closely at my photo below you will see I am wearing a Babushka doll necklace that tells the time.

I recently found out that my Great great grandfather was meant to go on the Titanic from England to New York but his train was running late and he missed it by half an hour. Phew!! If he had made it I would not be writing this now. I am excited that I have just found out that from my Dad's side I have  English/Scottish/ and Irish heritage and I am going to try and find out lots about the countrys of England, Scotland and Ireland.

Most of my family come from Fiji. In Fiji it is warm although in Summer it can be really hot. My Dad's family live inland in a place called Lautoka and from my Mum's family they live in Nadi. I have visited Fiji four or five times to visit my Mum and Dad's families. I have lots of cousins over there who are all older then me. My Dad wears a 'Sulu' which is a man's version of a skirt and Mum wears a 'Sari' which is a traditional Fijian Indian wrap around. Below in my photo I am wearing a 'Kurta' traditional Fijian Indian top.

Mrs Notley:
I have always known that my family (from my Dad's side) originated from England but just recently I found out that I have Italian blood in me also. I am pretty excited to hear that I have ties to two countries I have never even been to! Over this term I will be finding out more about my ancestral family lines and what is significant and important to me.  I thought while growing up I didn't have anything cultural to celebrate as I was just a 'Kiwi' and I would be quite envious of my friends who were of Polynesian or Maori decent. Although upon looking further into my background I found out that my Grandmother (my Dad's Mum) had an English family crest tucked away in her belongings which showed me that I was infact from England. I have also found a family tree which shows me my rich English ancestoral background. Recently I found out that on my Mum's side our family originated from Italy. So my next step is to try and find out more about my Italian side. Stay tuned...

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  1. Very cool cultural clothes guys and girls

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