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This blog is primarily run by our Room 5 students, so there may be occasional errors in our writing but please do not let that put you off enjoying our amazing year that is 2014!

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Drain cover renovations!!!

In Term 2 Room 5 came up with a super idea to change the drain covers in our School so that the ducklings don't fall into the drains and die and also rubbish isn't able to be put into the drains anymore. We all made prototypes of how we would like to construct our drain covers. Below is our process of how we designed, made and fitted our drain covers onto two of our main drains. We will try to cover some more over the term.


  1. wow looks like we worked hard room 5

  2. well done Room 5...:)

  3. Awesome Job Room 5. Mother duck will feel confident taking her baby ducks out now. I remember not so long ago, I was driving to school to pick up the girls and saw a mother duck hanging around the drain on the side of the road across from the school. I stopped and found that 3 little ducklings had fallen down the drain. I rushed home to get my pond net and came back to rescue the ducklings.
    You guys should be very proud of your selves for thinking ahead, coming up with a solution and preventing this from happening.

    Haylee Marshall's Mum

  4. Yay the ducks are safe now and great invenjentions room 5

    By Zachary