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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Narrative Writing

One sunny  day on October the 5th Hannah and Johanri were getting ready to go on the vacation plane.They were taking off at Los Angeles and going to Rarotonga. Hannah and Johanri were driving to the Los Angeles airport.When they  got there  they had to check in before going on the plane.

When they boarded the plane they heard the pilots talking and they said’’ Hi i’m Hayley your pilot’’. Then another person said ‘’Hi i’m your co pilot for the ride’’. Johanri and Hannah were really excited . The pilot’s  were counting down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, take off.’’We're driving over the Bermuda triangle’’ said the pilots.Boom! crash! bang! Something hit the plane.The  pilot Hayley was saying ’‘Mayday mayday!" All the  passengers were really scared when they hit the ground on the Bermuda triangle. Everyone climbed out  of the plane and they found what hit them, it was a rocket! 

Everyone on the plane pulled the rocket out of the plane. The pilot said to a mechanic on the vacation plane ‘‘can you fix it?’’. The mechanic said ‘’of course I can, I can fix anything’’. The pilots were relieved. The mechanic fixed the plane in two days. They were back in the air flying to Rarotonga.

‘’ That was so scary’’ said Johanri. Hannah said ‘‘yes that was’’.They were so happy that they were alive and happy they didn’t get stranded on the Bermuda Triangle. Johanri and Hannah said ‘’I hope that never happen’s again’’.


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  1. Very creative Hayley

    By Zachary