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Monday, 22 September 2014

Novel Study

Well parents and families as you are aware we have been busy all term reading our novels and presenting a project to our classmates. We had the following criteria to complete:

Chart (Novel Critique Assessment)

a.  Character Profiles of at least two characters. (10 marks)
Detailed information which includes details about personality and appearance. Justifies information.

b.  Plot Summary  (10 marks)
Well structured summary of all the main events (10) in the story.

c.  Conflicts  (5 marks)
Discuss the main conflict of the novel and describe how it was resolved.

d.  Connections (5 marks)
List and explain 5 Text to world connections that you have made in the text. 

e.  Profile of the Author  (5  marks)
List at least five interesting facts about the Author.

f.  Other books by the Author  (5  marks)
List other books the Author has written.

g.  Opinion  (5 marks)
Give your opinion of the book.

Chart is creative and clear to read. Appropriate use of colour and illustrations. Layout is very important.

We have some photos of our finished products. Hope you enjoy them.

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