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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Creative writing

The reptile youtube’r   

One day a boy named Ralph adored reptiles he loved them so much that he didn’t let anyone touch them.Then he made a youtube channel and showed his reptiles eccept one Jeffry his only leopard gecko...
The next day Ralph went out looking for Jeffry, meanwhile Jeffry was running around at the park and he found a swing and he climbed on the swing and tried to swing but he didn’t move at all so he jumped down and went to a triangle that spins around. Jeffry ended up sleeping on the triangle that spins around.

While Jeffry was asleep a girl went on the triangle that spins and span so hard that Jeffry went flying off and stuck to the bench.Dexture the bearded dragon got out of his enclosure and ran to Jeffry when they found each other.Soon they ran on the side.They started to catch crabs with their mouths they caught a big crab.Jeffry found a big fish so Dexture helped him,Jeffry had they tail and Dexture and had the head and they pulled and pulled,finally the fish had died so they had a little treat.

Next day it was so sunny so Iggy the iguana went outside without Ralph the angry room mate without notice and Iggy went to the park were Jeffry and Dexture was.But then one day trick the snake got out of his enclosure...

By Zachary

                   Snow Planet

In the weekend I went to snow planet for my best friend Hayley’s (brown) birthday. When I got to her house we waited for a few more people to come. When they arrived we hopped in the car and drove there. When we got there we put our bags down at the table. Then we got our boots on and we had to listen from the guy that works there for an 1 hour. When we got the hang of snow boarding we were allowed  to do any thing we wanted.
Then I went right up to the top of the Mountain and I face planted in the snow and I tried skiing but I didn’t like that so I changed back to snow boarding. After I went back up to the top with Daneka and Hayley’s dad (royce). (Me and Daneka were the only girls who went up to the top). 
The people at the party were: Me, Daneka, Hayley, Sumundre and Johanri.
We all had a great time AND I ENJOYED IT ALOT!!!  

By Hannah 

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