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This blog is primarily run by our Room 5 students, so there may be occasional errors in our writing but please do not let that put you off enjoying our amazing year that is 2014!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Zachary's suspense writing!

Nicole’s nightmare

One freaky night a girl named Nicole went out camping with her family.When it was night time the family went to bed there was a ringing sound outside.Some thing had banged into the lantern outside.Nicole woke up immediately and she noticed that her parents were gone.Then there was another ring and another but the sound was getting louder and louder.By the morning the fire went out,she couldn’t make another fire because her Dad had the flint.When it was night time Nicole layed back and closed her eyes but just as she closed her eyes RING! RING! she jumped up and grabbed her torch and sat in the corner of her tent.Nicole climbed out of her tent and looked to te right but as soon as she looked to the right SPLASH! 

Nicole saw a long thin tail she went towards where the splash was.When Nicole got there,there was only fish.When Nicole went back to bed there was a diary with no pages writren in it then Nicole found a pen and wrote.THERE IS A CREATURE THAT EATS PEOPLE ALIVE! BAM! Before you know it she is gone.
By Zachary

Xander sharing his suspense writing...

  The haunted house
One day there was a haunted house and next door to the haunted house was a guy named Nathan. Every night he heard a guy scream “ARR”!!! so one day he went down the drive way and kicked the door open. Then he saw blood  all over the windows and when he look around the corner he saw a chainsow with blood on it . He went to run away but it was too late.The door shut then he heard a man brhind him he looked around “ARR”!!! He tried to run away but its too late. Hes locked in then he sees Tim... TIM  you still owe me $20 dollars. HE hears the chainsaw unuun “ARR”!!!. 

By Xander

Monday, 17 November 2014

 IF ONLY                    
One stormy night two best friends were on holiday. They decided to go to Chosine Vally (camp) There names were Hayley and Hannah. They had lots to unpack , it took the whole day then it became 7:00pm so they decided to go to bed...When they woke up they went canoeing in the lake. It was a nice and sunny day. Then Hannah saw something big in the water “Hayley” Hannah said in a terrifing voice “yes Hannah” Hayley said “i think i sure something big in the water” and Hayley said “It’s probably just a stick” “ok” Befor they went in the water they forgot to cheek the rules for the lake One rule said NO CANOEING!!!
Then Hannah said “Hayley” but when Hayley turned around only a canoe and one padling stick Hayley canoed over and on the front page it looked like writing with a muddy finger it said 
By Hannah

More suspence stories!!!

THE HAUNTED LAKE LODGE                                                   One day there was a girl  called Carys. Her and her friend Hayley went camping at Lake wood Lodge.When they got there,they had to unpack everything and bring it in side the cabin. They set up their blankets and pillows on the bunk bed.Once they did that,they went hiking up the mountains.They saw Sheep ,deer and Cows too.Then when they got to the top they heard something moaning .It was like it was right next to them,but they couldn’t see it.So they ran back to the cabin and locked the door’s and window’s.They double checked that they did lock the window’s.
But then  they thought they were over reacting.After that big scare they went to bed.At 2am , they heard howling and knocking and it was like this knock knock ‘’ you get out of my home!’’.But they didn’t listen.When they woke up there was goo all over the wall’s.They were frightened. That day they went for a swim on the lake.They swam 1500 meters and then stopped .They felt something pulling them down under the water.Hayley and Carys tried to escape but they couldn’t swim away.After an hour they disappeared under the water.Then they came back not girls but ghosts.Now who ever goes there turns into a ghost.It’s haunted for life. Carys and Hayley scare’s everyone away but they still don’t know what dragged them under the water.
We did knock and howl the first time. 

MADE BY HAYLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Scary Suspense story by Logan - 'The freaky house'

  The freaky 

On a street Loganberry Rd a crooked house, that looked spookey and haunted, had been deserted many many years ago. A boy named Jacob had knocked on the door but no answer. He tried again but still no answer.Then the door opened by it’s self. Then Jacob turned his flashlight on. When he went in he searched the area, he found a wall that was covered in blood that said “go back”.Then he turned his video camera on, but the camera disabled as soon as Jacob caught a glimpse of the person.He put his camera down and sawa room that had a note saying”, I ‘m following you”.Jacob knew he had to leave , but he heard a noise of a baby crying.Suddenly he felt a big blow to his head .As Jacob turned around there he was the same man.but this time with a bat in his hand which he used to strike.On the front door covered in blood that said”I follow where you go’.

By Logan

School Athletics Day at Massey Park

Athletics Day

On the 30th of october we had the school Athletics Day and it took place at massey park we were there for the hole day. these were the things that took place there: the 1500m, 60m, 100m, 200m, 800m, Longjump, Highjump, Discus and Shotput. My over all experience was that it was a really fun day.

By Tyrone 

School production of 'We are the world'


On Wednesday the 3rd and 5th of November Reremoana school hired Clayton parks hall to perform ‘We are the world’.

First to perform was New Zealand which was Room’s 5 and 6. The first song that New Zealand performed was ‘Poi E’.The second song was ‘Four Seasons in one day’. For Poi E we had 4 groups.The groups were Poi girls,Little Rakau sticks, Big Rakau sticks and the back row. For Four Seasons in one day we had 4 groups as well.The groups were Summer,Winter,Spring and Autumn. In the Summer group there were people that were having sun glasses, drying people and people putting on sun screen. It was a fun time and we think the audience loved watching us. I know we were proud of ourselves!

By Claire, Zac and Matthew