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Monday, 17 November 2014

 IF ONLY                    
One stormy night two best friends were on holiday. They decided to go to Chosine Vally (camp) There names were Hayley and Hannah. They had lots to unpack , it took the whole day then it became 7:00pm so they decided to go to bed...When they woke up they went canoeing in the lake. It was a nice and sunny day. Then Hannah saw something big in the water “Hayley” Hannah said in a terrifing voice “yes Hannah” Hayley said “i think i sure something big in the water” and Hayley said “It’s probably just a stick” “ok” Befor they went in the water they forgot to cheek the rules for the lake One rule said NO CANOEING!!!
Then Hannah said “Hayley” but when Hayley turned around only a canoe and one padling stick Hayley canoed over and on the front page it looked like writing with a muddy finger it said 
By Hannah

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