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Monday, 17 November 2014

More suspence stories!!!

THE HAUNTED LAKE LODGE                                                   One day there was a girl  called Carys. Her and her friend Hayley went camping at Lake wood Lodge.When they got there,they had to unpack everything and bring it in side the cabin. They set up their blankets and pillows on the bunk bed.Once they did that,they went hiking up the mountains.They saw Sheep ,deer and Cows too.Then when they got to the top they heard something moaning .It was like it was right next to them,but they couldn’t see it.So they ran back to the cabin and locked the door’s and window’s.They double checked that they did lock the window’s.
But then  they thought they were over reacting.After that big scare they went to bed.At 2am , they heard howling and knocking and it was like this knock knock ‘’ you get out of my home!’’.But they didn’t listen.When they woke up there was goo all over the wall’s.They were frightened. That day they went for a swim on the lake.They swam 1500 meters and then stopped .They felt something pulling them down under the water.Hayley and Carys tried to escape but they couldn’t swim away.After an hour they disappeared under the water.Then they came back not girls but ghosts.Now who ever goes there turns into a ghost.It’s haunted for life. Carys and Hayley scare’s everyone away but they still don’t know what dragged them under the water.
We did knock and howl the first time. 

MADE BY HAYLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. WOW this story freaked me out
    by Alysha