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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Scary Suspense story by Logan - 'The freaky house'

  The freaky 

On a street Loganberry Rd a crooked house, that looked spookey and haunted, had been deserted many many years ago. A boy named Jacob had knocked on the door but no answer. He tried again but still no answer.Then the door opened by it’s self. Then Jacob turned his flashlight on. When he went in he searched the area, he found a wall that was covered in blood that said “go back”.Then he turned his video camera on, but the camera disabled as soon as Jacob caught a glimpse of the person.He put his camera down and sawa room that had a note saying”, I ‘m following you”.Jacob knew he had to leave , but he heard a noise of a baby crying.Suddenly he felt a big blow to his head .As Jacob turned around there he was the same man.but this time with a bat in his hand which he used to strike.On the front door covered in blood that said”I follow where you go’.

By Logan

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