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Thursday, 13 November 2014

School production of 'We are the world'


On Wednesday the 3rd and 5th of November Reremoana school hired Clayton parks hall to perform ‘We are the world’.

First to perform was New Zealand which was Room’s 5 and 6. The first song that New Zealand performed was ‘Poi E’.The second song was ‘Four Seasons in one day’. For Poi E we had 4 groups.The groups were Poi girls,Little Rakau sticks, Big Rakau sticks and the back row. For Four Seasons in one day we had 4 groups as well.The groups were Summer,Winter,Spring and Autumn. In the Summer group there were people that were having sun glasses, drying people and people putting on sun screen. It was a fun time and we think the audience loved watching us. I know we were proud of ourselves!

By Claire, Zac and Matthew

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  1. Everyone did very well at the production
    by Alysha