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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Zachary's suspense writing!

Nicole’s nightmare

One freaky night a girl named Nicole went out camping with her family.When it was night time the family went to bed there was a ringing sound outside.Some thing had banged into the lantern outside.Nicole woke up immediately and she noticed that her parents were gone.Then there was another ring and another but the sound was getting louder and louder.By the morning the fire went out,she couldn’t make another fire because her Dad had the flint.When it was night time Nicole layed back and closed her eyes but just as she closed her eyes RING! RING! she jumped up and grabbed her torch and sat in the corner of her tent.Nicole climbed out of her tent and looked to te right but as soon as she looked to the right SPLASH! 

Nicole saw a long thin tail she went towards where the splash was.When Nicole got there,there was only fish.When Nicole went back to bed there was a diary with no pages writren in it then Nicole found a pen and wrote.THERE IS A CREATURE THAT EATS PEOPLE ALIVE! BAM! Before you know it she is gone.
By Zachary

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